Praxonomy - Practical and Easy-to-use Board Portal
24 March 2020

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<strong>Praxonomy - Practical and Easy-to-use Board Portal</strong>

Praxonomy is a secure, easy-to-use and practical application that manages all your board meetings and records. Through more efficient meeting administration, real-time board papers distribution, better records management and secure collaboration, Praxonomy empowers boards to make better decisions while saving time and money.   

Feature Highlights

Simplified meeting administration 
Manage meetings across boards and committees, from agenda building, minutes taking to archiving as official records. 

Drag & drop board pack creation 
With just clicks, link files to agenda items, compile them into digital board papers and distribute them in real-time. 

Take full control of your data 
Access to data and individual documents can be granted with easy to configure and granular roles and permissions. 

Always up-to-date board papers 
Have the latest board materials at your fingertips. No more bulky board papers or last-minute emails. 

Synced notes and annotations 
Built-in annotation tools let you mark up your board pack. You can leave private sticky notes, highlight and draw, and they always stay in sync. 

Easier, more secure collaboration 
Get decisions made and collaborate with fellow board and committee members securely even outside the boardroom. 

24/7 access on any device 
Praxonomy is a responsive web app and has been developed meticulously to work across all devices. 

Easy-to-use features, intuitive navigation 
Praxonomy is made for users of all technical levels. We focus our energy developing the essential features your board will actually use, and we make sure everything is easy to set up, and directors can start using it with minimal to no training. 

Enterprise-grade security for your board
All files uploaded are protected by proprietary encryption technology, and all data are encrypted in transit and at rest. Praxonomy is ISO27001-certified and GDPR compliant. The portal is hosted in secure servers in the E.U. 

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As a QCA Member, you can subscribe to your dedicated Praxonomy board portal at an exclusive discounted price of £1,500 per year for up to 10 users (40% off our standard list price). This price includes the software, onboarding training and on-going support services.

For more information about this offer, please contact