How We Operate

The Quoted Companies Alliance is a private company limited by guarantee without a share capital. As a company limited by guarantee, it does not make distributions to its members. 

The principal objective of the Quoted Companies Alliance is to operate as an independent membership organisation championing the interests of small and mid-size quoted companies. 

The directors of the company are the guarantors, each of whom has undertaken to contribute to the assets in the event of the company being wound up such amount as may be required, not exceeding £1.

The Board

Directors are appointed by the full membership at the annual general meeting. Directors are appointed for three years and are eligible for re-election after that time. A President, Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Treasurer are appointed as required by the board of directors (the board).

The board determines the strategy of the organisation.

The board approves the annual budget and sets the annual membership fees for corporate and advisor members as part of that process. 

The board has scheduled meetings six times a year.

A list of directors is available here on our website.

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee, made up of four directors including the Chief Executive, reviews performance against budget and monitors the day-to-day activity of the company.

The Remuneration Committee (which does not include the Chief Executive) sets the remuneration of the Chief Executive and approves the remuneration of the other members of staff.

Expert Groups

Much of the operational output from the Quoted Companies Alliance is driven by seven expert groups that focus on policy and best practice.

In order to ensure that the work of the expert groups coordinates with the strategy of the organisation as determined by the board, chairs of the expert groups attend board meetings on a rotational basis.

Details of our expert groups and their scope of work are available here on our website.

Reporting to the Membership

The Annual Report and Financial Statements are approved by the board and are filed at Companies House.

An Annual Review describing the work of the organisation is published each year. 

A list of members is available here on our website.